OLIVIER VAN ZUMMEREN                           

Impload - posters and social media content

Impload is a long lasting techno party that found its beginning already in 2009. When it started, techno was not really appreciated that much in Tilburg yet. All tough it was not as popular as now they where eager to go on because of their love for the music.

A couple of years and parties later at 013 in Tilburg, they moved to a more industrial venue called Club Smederij. A club that has this raw and authentic feeling which no other venue in Tilburg has (for parties like this). Since then I also got into contact with the owner (and friend) of Impload, André Martins. During the transition of venues, Impload was also ready for something new concerning their visual identity.

The biggest task was to define what Impload really represents, but after all, it felt like we hit the right note. Finally we came up with the concept that this feeling of love for the music is something that is inside, indescribable and hard to express, although you express it during the night itself. This idea became the ever-changing sphere as a leading figure in the visual communication.