OLIVIER VAN ZUMMEREN                           

Green Tree - Expo Depot at Biesbosch Museum 

During my third year of Art, Communication and Design we got the chance to exhibit in one of Hollands most remote museums called Biesbosch Museum. It is located in an area which has a long history in agriculture and water; typically Dutch I would say.

Nationaal Park de Biesbosch is a place in the Netherlands where humans played a big role in creating and rearranging water and land. Already since the 11th century humans created tiny living communities in this region. All though the Biesbosch is a protected area concerning animals and nature, it is actually man-made. `

Together with Tulio Laanen we designed a place outside of the museum that would symbolize the region in a funny and ironic way. This meant that we wanted to capture the feeling of artificial nature. Finally we ended up with an extremely abstract ‘tree’ that was build up by the mathematics of fibonacci, finished with a fluor green color. Alongside this tree, you could hear classical music. Those two combined gave a weird and alienating effect.