OLIVIER VAN ZUMMEREN                           

Assembled in Europe - Dutch Design Week 2018, On Your Own Account @ Wall Street Eindhoven

'Assembled in Europe' is a design initiative that provides a platform for European designers to become exporters for the Asian market. ‘Made in China’ is a term taken very lightly by many designers. It’s an easy market with low production costs and low shipping costs. A market that understands and realizes the laws of supply and demand. The formula of Made in China seems innocent but most people don’t realize the dangers this booming economy carries.

Assembled in Europe is established as a counter movement in regard of the problematic increasing Asian market. This social movement encourages European designers to take advantage of the low material costs and to take products from that market and work with the material, designing it into a new product and eventually send it back to China. Copy mentality versus design mentality. This way we can co-excist next to such a giant continent.

Concept by Tessa van der Heijden and design and execution by Olivier van Zummeren en Tessa van der Heijden.