OLIVIER VAN ZUMMEREN                           

BANK15 - logo’s VAKTAAL, KWEEKTUIN and KRUISPUNT + identity

BANK15 is looking to connect people from different kind of backgrounds and interests. By including everyone in our society, more people can reach their full potential. This will result in a bigger market with more products and services. 

They believe in an inclusive society by combining commercial and social thinking. Main focus in this vision is doing, so if you have an idea, connect with someone and do it. Don’t be afraid to fail, but just try.

In 2017 they decided to divide some of the ideas and create three different pillars beneath BANK15 that would function independently but still would be connected with each other and BANK15. As it is a place where people come together, work, create, connect and talk this became the main focus for the identity of these new pillars.